• Railway Pro

    Acron Group orders hopper car fleet

    United Wagon Company and Acron Group agreed for the supply of 500 hopper cars for mineral fertilizers.

  • ​Global Railway Review

    United Wagon Company to supply 2,000 new generation hopper cars to EuroChem

    Building on a long-standing partnership between the two companies, UWC will supply EuroChem with new generation hopper cars by June 2022.

  • Railway-News

    Shchekinoazot orders 132 methanol tank cars from UWC

    Industrial chemicals producer Shchekinoazot has signed a contract for 132 new generation tank cars for methanol from United Wagon Company (UWC).

  • RailTarget

    Russia-made flat cars approved for operation on European railway network

    Research and production corporation “United Wagon Company” has obtained the vehicle type approval for its Sggrs(s) 80’ six-axle and Sgmmns 40’ four-axle flat cars from the European Union Agency for Railways, which allows operation of the railcars on European railway network according to Directive (EU) 2016/797.

  • Railway Gazette

    Russian-built 1 435 mm gauge wagons approved for EU use

    United Wagon Co has obtained type approval from the EU Agency for Railways for two types of container wagon, which it says is the ‘first time in modern history’ that Russian-built wagons will operate on 1 435 mm gauge lines in Europe.

  • IntermodalNews.eu

    UWC certifies its flat wagons for operations across Europe

    Two types of flat wagons manufactured by the Russia-based corporation UWC have been certified for operations in the European countries. Such a decision was issued by the European Union Agency for Railways after series of tests performed by the Czech Railway Research Institute (VUZ).

  • Railvolution

    OVK-Built Container Wagons Authorised By EUAR

    On 2 June 2021 OVK announced that it has obtained the type approval for its Class Sggrs(s) 80’ six-axle and Class Sgmmns 40’ four-axle flat wagons from the European Union Agency for Railways. It will allow operation of these wagons on European network according to Directive (EU) 2016/797. For the first time in modern history, Russian wagons will be operated in Europe on a 1,435 mm gauge network. OVK’s current orders for European countries exceeds 1,000 wagons.

  • Global Railway Review

    UWC to supply methanol tank cars to EuroChem

    United Wagon Company, Russia' largest manufacturer of railcars, will supply 109 tank cars for methanol to EuroChem, one of the world's largest producers of mineral fertilizers. The rolling stock mounted on 25 tonne axle-load bogies will be operated in the fleet of Novomoskovskiy Azot, one of Russia's largest chemical plants producing nitrogen fertilizers and urea.

  • Railway Gazette

    Kyrgyzstan Railways ‘keeping pace with the times’ at modern wagon servicing centre

    Russian company United Wagon Co has opened an authorised service centre in Bishkek to provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance for modern wagons it has supplied.

  • International Transport Journal

    Business expansion in Kyrgyzstan

    Russian railcar manufacturer UWC has opened a service centre in Kyrgyzstan as part of its warranty and post-warranty maintenance programme for new generation freight cars.

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