VNIIZhT, JSC (Railway Research Institute, Russia) — the largest scientific center for the railway industry in the field of research and design development.

    In 2013, ICT Group brand and VNIIZhT signed a partnership agreement on development and introduction of innovative rolling stock and heavy traffic technologies to the Russian railways. Within the frame of the agreement, VNIIZhT entered into commitment to develop of the rolling stock on Barber bogies with a load of 25 ts (in prospect 27 ts and 32 ts), transport products and technologies of heavy traffic, which can significantly increase the freight-carrying capacity on the main freight generating lines specified by the Strategy of Russian Federation Railway Transportation Development till 2030, as well as to decrease the infrastructure owner costs for its maintenance and transportation process.


    Amsted Rail (USA) — the railway supply holding included manufacturers of industrial components and equipment for rolling stock, mainly for freight cars and locomotives. The structure of Amsted Rail consists of foundries for production of heavy castings and components for freight railway bogies (cassette bearings, cast wheels, draft gears, automatic couplers, etc.).

    In 2013 UWC and Amsted Rail signed an agreement on cooperation in railway equipment production, according to which, UWC acquires complete intellectual rights for Amsted Rail’s МotionControl 18-9836 (with a load of 25 ts) innovative bogie design. This 25 ts per axle load bogie has been specifically adapted by Amsted Rail engineers for freight cars operating on 1520 mm gauge tracks in Russia and other CIS countries. UWC received the authority to issue new licenses to produce Motion Control bogie for other manufacturers of railway rolling stock in Russia and the CIS.


    Timken Company (USA) — the global leader in cassette bearings production and supplier of services and solutions related to the bearing products to various industries. The company was founded in 1899 and now it is represented in 26 countries of the world. Its assets account for 48 plants and 8 technology centers.

    In 2013, UWC and Timken signed a partnership agreement under which new generation freight cars fitted with Barber bogies (with a load of 25 ts) produced by Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant will be equipped with Timken box cassette bearings and will be included in the OJSC “RZD” managed maintenance programme.


    Wabtec Corporation (USA) — the leading global supplier of high – technology products and services for the railway industry, including freight and passenger transport. The Various corporation’s subdivisions develop and produce a wide range of products for locomotives, freight and passenger cars. The company is also engaged in shunting and passenger locomotives production of and provides after-sales service and support. Wabtec Corporation’s production sites and offices are located in many countries around the world.

    In 2013, UWC and Wabtec Corporation signed an agreement to form a joint venture in Tikhvin for development and production of innovative components for freight rolling stock, including the heavy one.


    Mitsui & Co., LTD (Japan) — the global corporation, that carries out its business in trade, investment and service provision. Mitsui Company gained considerable experience in the field of freight cars leasing and related services provision , such as maintenance and operational management, due to its activities on the freight cars leasing market in USA since 1996. Currently, the whole number of rolling stock units that leased out by the Company to the USA, Europe and Brazil is over 250 locomotives and 17,000 freight cars.

    In 2012, ICT Group brand and Mitsui have formed a joint venture MRC 1520 that deals with provision of railway freight cars operating leasing. MRC 1520’s fleet comprises freight cars with advanced technical and economic features.


    Bezhitsa Steel Foundry, JSC (part of Transmashholding, JSC, Russia) – one of the largest domestic producers of cast steel used for manufacturing and repairing оf rail transport. The Foundry produces carts carcasses for freight cars, beam bolsters, side frames, couplers, axle boxes, etc.

    In 2012 RPC UWC and Bezhitsa Steel Foundry signed a memorandum of strategic partnership and license agreement for production of heavy castings for innovative Barber carts.