Since its inception, the Company is creating foundation for future sustainable development, oriented to maintain balance between economic aspects, environment protection and social responsibility. We believe that socially responsible investments have long-term benefits for business development. RPC “United Wagon Company” as a socially responsible organization has the following priorities:

Personnel well-being and professional growth

Company’s prosperity broadly depends on human capital assets. For this reason the HR policy is focused on foundation of socially stable personnel, efficiently working to achieve corporation goals. We aim to create conditions for highest possible realization of each employee potential and creativity, for improvement of their skills that develop comfortable organizational culture and corporate interest commitment.

Environmental protection, industrial and occupational safety

We consider environment-friendly production, industrial and occupational safety of our personnel as one of the main priorities of the company as a whole. Application at our enterprises new for Russia technologies together with highly environment-friendly solutions introduced by reputable European suppliers of equipment ensures a new level of “clean production”. We are fully aware that we have social responsibility for life and health of people and therefore create safe and comfortable working environment for our employees.

Social security

RPC “United Wagon Company” provides social support for its employees, we take care of their health, remember important dates, and try to celebrate significant holidays together. All this improves work motivation, contributes to increase in the corporate profit and the company’s ability to compete in the market.